Sawing Lumber – An Overview Part 1

First of all notice that I said “lumber” and not “wood”.  What is the difference you may ask?  Well for the purposes of this discussion wood is what trees are […]

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Blacksmith’s Post Vice – If You See One Buy It

While a post or leg vice is not necessary to get started in blacksmithing it is one of those things that is very nice to have.  Further of the blacksmiths […]

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Do You Have A Sewing Kit?

The basics everyone used to have

As I got out my winter coat for the first time I remembered that a button had come off last spring.  When I was in school many years ago we […]

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An Introduction to the Axe

While I would probably recommend buying a chainsaw first over an axe if you are a property owner with some woods, an axe is a close second.  Further I find […]

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Cordless Drill and Impact Driver

My old friend has driven countless screws over the years

Cordless tools took the world of contractors and builders by storm about 20 years ago.  The price kept coming down and now they are very affordable for the home owner […]

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Let’s Talk Tools


First of all let me start by saying I love tools.  Old, new, power, hand it doesn’t matter.  For some activities you must have tools and sometime special tools, other […]

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Supplemental Light for Your Laying Flock

Close up of sensor and light

For whatever reason the hours of daylight, more specifically the lack there of, affect the number if eggs your hens will lay.  That is why you get greatly reduced numbers […]

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